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What I Found at The Furniture Store

By Published July 30, 2021

Where to buy, as well as how to make rustic wood slices into a pretty and colorful DIY tea light holder.

Note to readers: I am having computer problems and could not get this week’s WFPB post completed. I had to shuffle posts to post one that was completed. So no worries, next Friday I will be back to posting about WFPB. 🙂

If you ever feel that you aren’t having any luck finding decorative items for your home when shopping at HomeGoods, Target and other stores that sell decorative accessories, I have a tip for you.

Head to your local furniture store every so often, but not to look at furniture.

Instead you want to go to furniture stores and showrooms to find affordable decorative accessories.

Remember when I bought the huge basket at my local furniture store and made it into a table? It was quite a deal.

Recently, I was looking for a new lamp for my foyer and wasn’t having any luck.

As I sat in traffic waiting for the traffic light to change, I noticed a Lazy Boy Showroom and decided to go in to see if they had any lamps I would like – they didn’t, but I didn’t leave empty handed.

DIY tea light holder using a wood slice from a tree.

I bought this wood slice with ribbed green glass votives there.

I LOVE it – it fits my White & Woodsy decorating theme perfectly! It’s a little bit rustic and a little bit glam. 🙂

After seeing this in the store, my first reaction was to make one, but on second thought, I wasn’t so sure I would be able to find a collection of unique ribbed green votives, so I decided to buy it.

Close up of green glass candle votives in a rustic wood slice.

It was $35. I tallied up the cost in my head on how much it would be to make it and decided it wasn’t that big of a difference.

What I love about taking a browsing stroll through a furniture store is that they always have decorative accessories to accent the furniture they sell.

These accessories are always for sale. The best part is you can usually take them home with you if they have more than one in stock – they usually do.

On many occasions, you may even find the decorative accessories, plates, faux flowers and more on clearance, like I did when I found my huge basket I mentioned above.

So when you are out & about, check out your local furniture stores for inspiration and to maybe find something perfect for your home and style.

blue and turquoise glass votives on a wood tray
Unique Glass Votive Tray Candleholder

If you are not into wood slices, but like colorful glass tea light votives, look how nice they look lined up on a tray. I found this tray candleholder, not in a furniture store, but online.

What I like about using the rustic wood slices made into tea light holders is that they also make great looking rustic risers for a lamp or decorative object in a vignette.

Wood slices can be bought at the craft store all cut, clean and ready to go.

Unique glass votive holders can be found in sets online, at the craft store and at the thrift store. You may even have a collection of them hidden away in a closet.

How to Turn Rustic Wood Slices Into a DIY Tea Light Holder

Above view shot of rustic wood slice candle holder with green glass ribbed votive holders.

If you want to make a DIY tea light or votive wood slice candleholder, it is not hard.

The only item that may not be in your toolbox that is needed to make the candle holder, is a hole saw. If you have done any house remodeling, you may have one.

What Is a Hole Saw?

hole saw used to make diy wood slice centerpiece to hold glass candle votive holders.

A hole saw is a circle saw blade that come in many different diameter sizes. You can buy them at the hardware or home improvement store.

I used them to make holes in doors for doorknobs and to make holes in the back of a TV cabinet to run the wires through to the wall.

They are easily attached to a drill like a regular drill bit is.

Option: No Tools Needed to Make the Tea Light Votive Candle Holder

If you like the look of the candle holder, you don’t have to create the shallow holes to place the tea light votives in. You can simply arrange them on a wood slice.

supplies needed:

  • 9″ – 11″ – Round Rustic Wood Slices online or at the craft store. Make sure they are not hollow, some are not from an actual tree.
  • 2″Hole Saw and drill
  • 100 or 220 grit sandpaper
  • Pencil
  • Glass votives
  • Votive candles or tea lights
3 wood slices from a tree trunk
  1. Choose your wood slice – either from a downed tree or buy one at the craft store.
How to drill holes in a slice of wood from a tree trunk - draw circles where you want the glass votives to be placed.

2. Figure out tea light votive placement and then use one of the votives to draw a circle. Repeat this for each candle. Mine has 7 candles.

How to use a hole saw to make wide shallow holes in a wood slice from a tree trunk.

3. Using a drill and hole saw, create 1/4″ deep shallow round holes to fit the tea light votives.

How to sand wood slice after drilling holes for glass votives.

4. Sand the edges smooth.

Wood slice with wide drilled holes that can hold a variety of glass candle votive holders.

5. Place candles or tea lights in.

Where I Plan to Use My Rustic Wood Slice Tea Light Holder

Before we know it, it’s going to be fall when I will be trying to make my living room feel cozier.

Candles are one way to add that.

I plan to place my furniture store find on my coffee table and may even use it on the foyer sideboard when we have dinner guests over as a pretty way to give the entryway an inviting glow.

DIY tea light holder using a wood slice from a tree.

Another nice thing about this DIY tea light holder is that come winter…

Wood slab made into rustic glass votive candle holder.

… I can change the votives to whatever colors I can find. Red for Christmas – blue for summer, a collection of clear glass votives for any season.

Glass Votives I Found Online

DIY Wood Slice Candleholder with ribbed green glass votives.

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