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Style Scouting: Vol. 55 | In My Own Style

By Published August 15, 2021

Thanks for stopping by for this week’s Style Scouting. My Sunday post where I share the random stuff that captured my attention or inspired me that I found online.

Patio and outdoor kitchen in backyard of a large home.

It has been a very productive week for me, although not in the way of posting a new post or project for you to read, but in getting quite a bit of back-end blog and business stuff accomplished, which included planning fall content to post come September.

Next week I am going to take a break from everything to soak up one of the last few weeks of summer. I am headed to get some R&R at the beach.

I know after most vacations that I take, I will feel rested and excited when I get back and ready for fall season ahead. 🙂

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  • No new posts this week as I have been tackling back-end of my blog to-do list. 🙂
Photo: Mom’s Design Build


The exterior of this home and its gardens are worth a look. So is the rest of the designer’s portfolio.

I have seen this decorating trend emerge over the last year, but it is not for me. How about you – do you like it?

In a time of cookie-cutter flip homes, it is nice to see a home kept in its original condition after being purchased.


These are so lush and pretty? Do you have any blooming in your yard?

A handy garden to do list for August.


Looking for a way to cook zucchini? These looks rather tasty!

Searching for ways to use fresh herbs from your garden? Here is an excellent idea.

Fashion & Beauty

I don’t think I could go this far, but have paired my closet down to only items I truly like. Hence the reason I didn’t pass up this shirt for fall. It is pricey, but I only buy clothing that I love and know I will wear often, so it was worth the splurge.

So true about how much to exercise.

Out & About

We need more buildings like this in the world.

Fun & Interesting

If I was going back to school in September- I would definitely want this.

Seeing iconic things in a new angle.

Do you like books by James Patterson? How about Dolly Parton?

Good to Know

If you use Google Drive, this is a good tip.

Something To Think About

The writer got this right. I know I feel this way.

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Enjoy the rest of the weekend and thanks so much for reading. XO

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